June 12, 2013: Summer in Full Session

Ben, Grant & Co.
My idea of a night at home was dinner with the boys and possibly watching a movie together tonight. It didn't quite work out that way. Ben's response to my great idea was "Mom, but it's summer".

Yes, Ben, it is summer. The definition of summer per the under eighteen crowd is having lots of friends over, shooting endless hoops outside, and staying up late. Too late per the over eighteen crowd.

Tonight was the Stanley Cup game. My kids love hockey and so do their friends. The house was rocking with cheers and boy commentary throughout the night. There was a pizza run and another break to the closest gas station for drinks (the under eighteen kind).

As Ben's friend chronically text (and Vine and Snapshot), Grant just wanders around the excitement of the house with a permanent X-Box headset attached to his head. The boys of summer.

While there was talk of summer jobs, bonfires, and early morning football practice; Grant was organizing yet another sleep over. The smell of round two of dinner is filling the house from the kitchen. Based on my keen sense of smell, Ramon noodles appear to be the late night menu.

No doubt I will find mystery wet towels and swimsuits in the laundry room in the morning. My clean hamper will have a new look in the morning light. Ah yes, the smell and sound of teenage boys on a hot summer night. School is out for summer. Summer is definitely in full session.


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