June 4, 2013: Dream Weaver

I dream in color. There is no doubt about that. Last night my dream revolved around Crayolas. The whole dream did, in fact. I typically have very vivid dreams. Immediately after awaking, I can remember them in great detail. As the hours go by, they become more foggy.

I wish I knew a dream reader who could tell me what they mean. My dream last night was about a house full of Crayolas. The house was owned by the original Crayola family (is there such a namesake??) and I spent the dream wandering around; exploring and meeting many people along the way.

There was a dog, a brown lab, who was my constant companion. He was my dog; as though I owned such a dog in real life. I would go from room to room, climbing many flights of stairs, and chatting with a variety of people. The people included a couple of my kids, a tour guide for the Crayola family house, another visitor and a neighbor (in real life). And then there were many people who were familiar to me in my dream, but unfamiliar faces in real life.

Every room was full of endless treasures, just like my grandma's attic. I found myself wandering around without a care in the world. Crayolas were everywhere, the big thick ones, and in every color imaginable. And then I woke up.

Recurring themes are big rooms (like attics) with endless treasures including everything to antiques, endless wardrobes, and now, Crayolas. So what do my wacky dreams mean? No worries? Life is a big adventure? I haven't a clue.

I wish I could remember them with the same vivid detail I have first thing in the morning. They would be great stories. My very own "Alice in Wonderland" adventure series. I wonder what I will dream up tonight? Regardless...I just hope it's a fun adventure...


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