June 20, 2013: An Old Irish Blessing

Traditional blessings and old wives tales are carrying more meaning these days. They continue to be proven out with each aging year. Maybe it's because I actually take time to think about things now that I'm older. I am quite sure my circumstances haven't changed dramatically, but the way that I view them has.

An Old Irish blessing... "May the road rise up to meet you. May the wind always be at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face." A true blessing when you experience this.

I went on a long bike ride last night. I followed the Big Papio Trail for an out and back; straight south for 16 miles and then back the same way. It felt breezy when I left. I have found in my biking adventures that what feels windy on your feet, feels much windier on your bike. This was the case last night.

The first half of the ride was tough. I kept reminding myself that the level of difficulty was due to outside elements and not my ability. The result of this obstacle would be direct benefit once I made the turn around. Or so I hoped.

As I eyed the Bellevue Medical Center, I made my turn. My average speed soon went from a tough 14 miles per hour to an easier 18 mph. At the turn I changed my Pandora station to 60', 70's and 80's (from Matchbox 20). I roared back up the trail reaching the 20's in my pace with "Stand by Me" and "Summer of 69" were blaring in my ears. Bliss.

The wind was to my back with the sun shining warmth on my face. Like a dog hanging his head out a car window, I was happy. It brought back memories of walking beans and running on blustery mornings in the past. Although the roads traveled can be difficult, with persistence it does rise to meet you. And the blessing of tailwinds and sweet summer sun follow. A blessing.


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