June 29, 2013: Proceed with Caution

Garrett before strict instructions to "go faster...no brakes!"
I wanted to title this blog "Reckless Abandon", but after further reflection, thought it too harsh. "Proceed with Caution" was my compromise.

We went on a bike ride today up High Grade Road. This is not a ride for the faint of heart; definitely not for a girl who typically rides in a very flat Nebraska. What makes this ride difficult you ask? As the name implies, it is a steep climb (see GPS map to the right)

If you carefully review the map, you will note a steep decline at mile 25. Thus the title for this blog. Garrett goes fast down hills and mountains. I apply my brakes intermittently and pray I don't fly off the front of my handle bars. He would like for me to go faster.

I have explained to Garrett that climbing faster is more important than going down faster (cardiovascular purposes). I have explained that I have a fear of falling down mountains and hurting myself (looking for pity here). And I have explained that I just don't have the biking experience in the mountains as he does (making excuses). Garrett still tells me to go faster.

I have a hard time convincing him that any speed exceeding 30 mph is a stretch for me. After flying through a yellow light at the beginning of our ride, I explained to him the concept of reckless abandon. He didn't bite. I now explain my riding technique as proceeding with caution. He seems to be warming up to this concept.

We are on our way to raft inflatable kayaks down the Arkansas River. I have never done this before. An adventure. I can't imagine that going extremely fast is a good strategy. Proceed with caution. We'll see if Garrett agrees....


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