June 3, 2013: Purple Pleasure

The rains paid off in Omaha. At least for my lawn and flowers (not bad for house without functioning air either). My pleasant welcome home was the purple pleasure that greeted me by my front door. The red roses are poking out as well.

Dead tulips have been replaced and overtaken by the new seasonal color. Landscaping is a wonderful thing, isn't it? I am anxious to see if the colorful cannas have sprouted in my far back yard yet. They are a new addition and should reach a six foot and full of color by the end of summer.

After a long day of airports, work, and meetings; the initial greeting from my silent greenery friends was welcomed. The voices waiting for me in the house were even better. Grant, you are definitely better than my tulips; hands down. His smiling face with newly installed braces was actively conversing with relatives as they prepared a celebration for Aunt Joan's birthday.

Cake, ice cream, and conversation at the table was a perfect way to be reminded of a house full of warmth; the good warm. Any edge remaining from a busy day was quickly gone and forgotten. Sitting back and catching up with loved ones and sharing life is the real life pleasure.


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