June 27, 2013: A New Pair of Shoes

I have a problem. I love shoes. But the good news is that my problem isn’t to the extent of Amelda Marcos. With restraint, I keep my inventory below the capacity of my moderately sized closet.

My problem lies in the immense joy I receive from the purchase of a kick-ass pair of boots or flashy heels. This joy should be reserved for more spectacular events. Instead, my rainiest of days are brightened by the addition of colorful pair of wedges to my collection.

Yesterday I had to reduce my inventory by one. A pair of black sandals saw their final hours. I also noticed a couple of dress sling-backs showing irreparable wear.

"I need to go shoe shopping" was my declaration to Garrett.

"Yea, right" was his response. "JUST what you need."

No, not what I necessarily need. But I something I definitely want. Some wedged Toms in bright fuchsia? Black dress shoes with a high heel and an animal print? The options are dancing in my head.

As I find myself checking out all shoes traveling through the TSA lines, I am taken off guard by a compliment aimed at me.

"I like your shoes!"

It came from a typically stern woman in blue uniform. She liked my animal striped Nine West pumps. I have to say I like them too. I beamed as I re-clothed at TSA exit. An unanticipated compliment. Shoes are important. I need to buy more... 


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