June 9, 2013: Hidden Treasures

The boys organizing games in the basement
After spending a chunk of Sunday afternoon in my basement, I now know why I keep dreaming about endless attics and secret spaces full of treasures. I absolutely love these spaces. The accompanying memorabilia and fun escapes stored there bring me great enjoyment.

When I do find the time to create and explore in my basement, I'm in heaven. I have a collection of vinyl records that produce a constant background hum as I poke about through my various on-going projects. Yesterday's music choices included Three Dog Night, Don McLean, and Queen. Ben requested American Pie three times. It gave me a smile to listen to him tell Grant the story of Buddy Holly as the two of them organized the game table.

Goodwill piles were created and storage rearranged. I spend most of my time in an area that serves as my art room. It is fully equipped with bins stocked with paper and every craft accessory imaginable. I have an art table with side bins for pencils, stencils, scissors, and journals. Two benches adorn each side of this glass topped table. I always enjoy a co-collaborator.

The work room walls are filled with artwork I drew as a child, teenager and young adult. My kids' artwork is hung throughout all rooms as well. A sewing machine and serger are within arms reach of the stack of material remnants and felt squares. You name the desired art medium and chances are that I have the product on hand.

There is always work to do and boxes full of collectibles from the boys' days of past to reorganize. Shelves of photo albums are begging to be scanned and file cabinets in need of shredding. A project is always at the tip of my fingers. And with the TV, games, and treadmill in the adjoining room, I typically don't lack for company.

I believe my basement reprieve could be considered the female version of a man cave. Call it what you want. I love my special space. It is my very own; full of treasures that represent fond memories and projects that create new memories for the future.


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