May 9, 2013: Hot Tub Time Machine

Hot tubbin' in Omaha
I was able to end my night with a little hot tub action. It always sounds like a great idea, but I typically either run out of time or steam. The great idea at 8:00 p.m. many times fizzles by 10:00.

Tonight I was glad I hung in there. I was feeling sleepy by 9:30, but pushed myself to do the final items on my mental list for the night. I proceeded to work out and then jumped in the hot tub. Execution on a plan always feels good.

Although my workout hasn't expanded in intensity level, I have embraced power walking even more. I now track it on "Map my Ride" (but, rather, as a walk); my internal code for deeming it a worthy work out. Phase two of my workout was riding my bike. Still not off it's stand, but moving and moving pretty fast. And then the ultimate treat of the hot tub.

I think the best part of the hot tub is that I actually relax. A great way to end the night. I'm not reading anything or typing anything. It's just me and my thoughts and the stars in the sky. I reminded myself tonight that these were the same stars that I gazed at from a hot tub in Texas just days ago. Seems like weeks ago at this point.

Life goes on, but some things never change. Home always feels good. Knowing that my family and loved ones from across the US share the same sky and look at the same stars is comforting. Different lives, same world. See what kind of thoughts cross your mind when you are left alone to think? Not a bad thing.


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