May 21, 2013: A Run!

This picture isn't of me, by the way (weigh? oops...Freudian slip). But it is a picture of the type of anti-gravity treadmill I ran on today. Yes, I ran! And it was delightful.

My last run was on February 21 on the Zorinsky trail following a snow storm. The trail wasn't plowed and I chose to rough it and plow through on my own. It was a beautiful afternoon. The only tracks that laid ahead of me were footprints of brave dogs and a few humans.

I felt like such an adventurer that I took a picture to memorialize the run. Two hours later I boarded a plane to Denver and the day after that I blew my ACL. You know the rest of the story.

I arrived at PT today greeted with the question "Do you want to get on the treadmill?" Sure! It was no ordinary treadmill. This one defied gravity. After putting on the special shorts that felt like a wet suit which zipped on to the large contraption, I was calibrated and ready to go. She set my weight to 75 pounds. So with the assistance of technology, I ran like a 75 pounder.

Now it's been a while, a long while, since I've been at that weight. I quickly realized that being lighter/thinner is much more conducive to running. It was definitely more enjoyable. I really missed the mark all these years running like a Clydesdale when I should have been shooting for the gazelle.

This anti-gravity thing is not a bad gig. Not only did my recuperating ACL agree, but my aging, heavy body liked it too. A concept the health clubs should latch on to! Possibly the barrier is the $35,000 price tag (I couldn't resist asking). Or maybe I should try the cheaper alternative and just lose some weight on my own....hmmm...


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