May 2, 2013: A Chatham Surprise

A shot on the ferry leaving Martha's Vineyard
I met Cape Cod yesterday. And I like it. Quaint. Quiet. Historic. A natural beauty. It's lovely.

I also tried a second version of clam chowder from a restaurant nestled on the water in Martha's Vineyard village of Edgartown. A different recipe, but just as good as the Black Pearl in Newport. We started the day with a ferry ride to visit this great island and finished it with a pleasant surprise awaiting in Chatham, Massachusetts.

Today was a busy day showered with both spurts of sun and later with cloudy skies. I overdressed in jeans and flat boots, but was resourceful in finding a store selling cute green shorts and Reva flip-flops. Although the shorts ended up in a bag, the flip-flops replaced my boots. A very nice, warm spring day on the East Coast. We hear we may be missing "some weather" in the Midwest??

After a scenic drive up the coast and through the interesting coastal communities, we arrived at our destination. Obviously I hadn't properly researched Garrett's surprise choice. We were staying at the Chatham Bars Inn. It was nothing short of stunning. With an ocean-side room with all of the amenities (espresso machine in room, robe and slippers laid out with classical music playing in the background).

Dinner was wining and dining at it's finest. They were trying to sell us on their midwestern raised beef until we explained our typical cuisine at home. It felt a bit like Midwesterns convincing non-landlocked visitors of the frequency in "flying in" seafood for Midwest fine dining. Needless to say, I chose the grilled shrimp and Garrett, the swordfish.

We are back on the road to Providence with a day of travel to Dallas. Amazing what one can take in within the confines of 24 hours. A very quick, but memorable time in Massachusetts.

(pictures below are from Martha's Vineyard)


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