May 8, 2013: When Did This Happen?

Zach snapped this for me in the Chipotle line
Grant is taller than me. When did this happen? I was so worried about my blooming tulips, I missed my youngest blooming two inches himself.

I realized it today when I picked him up from school. As we walk-jogged toward the gym, I noticed that I was looking him in the eye. No looking down.

"Did you grow this last week?" I asked.

"I don't know," he shrugged.

I let it go until we met Zach at Chipotle. Zach had just completed his first day at a new job. In celebration (and because I figured out that he skipped lunch), we splurged with a mid-afternoon feast. As we looked at the food board, I noticed again that Grant was appearing taller to me. I asked him to stand back-to-back for Zach to judge.

"Mom, he's definitely taller."

I looked at the worker behind the counter for verification. She agreed. Zach snapped the picture as final proof. Defeat. I am the oldest and shortest of my brood. No question.

As we sat and enjoyed our overstuffed burritos, Zach made an assertion on my new known fact. "Mom, I know what you're thinking right now." Well? "You're thinking about the blog story you're going to write on this, aren't you?" Yep.

"Does that bother you two?" I hesitantly asked. "Not at all" was Zach's answer. "Mom, I like it that you're a writer. That's cool!" was Grant's response.

All is now forgiven for them growing up when I wasn't looking. Like my mom always says...sugar is better than vinegar. Thanks for the backhanded compliments, guys.


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