May 11, 2013: Virginia (Part II)

SOOOO excited about our new sweaters!!
My mom is the investigative reporter of the family. She wrote such a great note on Virginia, our sweater maker, that I thought it worthy of it's own post (along with a couple more pix of our treasured sweaters :))...
(refer back to yesterday's blog, May 10, 2013 for the full story)

Guest blogger, Mary Wagner: Virginia is now confined to her home due to diabetes and osteoarthritis of the spine. She will celebrate her 95th birthday next week.

A rancher's wife who rode the range on a horse with her trusty gun at her side and thin as a stick her entire life. In her spare time she worked as a model in Phoenix.

Her good relationship with area Indian tribes was invaluable when she opened her shop and offered to sell their Kachina's, handmade turquoise jewelry, blankets, rugs, you name it...the REAL deal.

Word traveled quickly over the years. Customers from far and wide made a stop at Virginia's Trading Post a must. Sandy and I were preferred customers; two of a select group who were allowed in her private quarters. Virginia...a class act.

Grant was 2 weeks old and in my arms


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