May 13, 2013: New Dress Code

Open toed shoes allowed?? Of course!!
Life is just full of new revelations. Many times we don't see them because we are too stuck in our routines. Today was one of those days. I do have to say that I love the latest one I stumbled on. So glad it came to me.

I love dresses. And I love shoes (and boots, and jewelry, and great accessories). But I don't like to shop. Never mind on that last point; different blog. I also like to plan. Dresses feel even better to wear if I carefully lay them out the night prior.

On a typical evening before a workday, I lay out my dress of choice and then add the complimenting footwear and accessories. Coming from the corporate world, my heels have always been the standard business attire. Although fun in color and style, they have traditionally been pretty corporate.

Last night as I laid out a wrap-around brown dress with a geometric orange and olive diamonds, I eyed my choices of three different pairs of brownish heels. All looked professional with little variation. Then it dawned on me. I am currently restricted to no corporate dress code other than my own. My only restriction is my own taste (which I believe to be good).

The Nine West leather pumps went back on the shelf and the Nordstrom Boutique open-toed summer wedges replaced them. This corporate decision was made without hesitation. Just another day at the office....

Random thought: I took this picture in my back yard as I wrote this blog.
The sun is setting and I took without a flash. Don't the orange blossoms appear to glow??


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