May 17, 2013: My Brother from Another Mother...

Happy Birthday, Matt Wagner (the handsome guy third from right)
Picture was taken 3 years ago on a road trip to our home town, Remsen
Not really another mother, but we like to say this (sorry, Mom). My brother, Matt, and I have a very strange sense of humor. Our inside jokes really make no sense, but they crack the two of us up. We laugh a lot and we tease each other A LOT. From me referring to him as my brother from another mother to our "guy" hug where he pounds my back abruptly, we enjoy our presumed silliness.

Our own kids like to join in our fun. Our time together, including many road trips with our collective crew, are full of laughter and great memories. Matt's quick wit doesn't miss anything. He is ruthless in holding on to my dumb commentary or mispronounced words. My random thoughts that turn into words and my butchering of the English language provide him material for future comic relief. And I don't mind a bit.

It's Matt's birthday today. He is actually a man of few words who desires little attention. So I will keep it very simple. Happy Birthday, Brother. Thanks for making me laugh and being an awesome brother. XOXOX


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