May 15, 2013: Training Wheels are Gone!

Freedom after a long wait!
I was released from my training wheels today. It was such a great feeling to advance out of my garage. If my bike had a motor, I am sure the feel would be identical to Peter Fonda in Easy Rider. I was back on the trails with the wind in my face and not a care in the world. At least not for that hour and half on the trail.

After two months and one day post-surgery (eighty-one days post-injury), this was my first "real" work out. Patience is not a strength for me. I was longing for this day to come. But, rest assured, I was a good patient and followed my PT and physician instructions to a tee. Which did not include anything that resulted in breaking a sweat in the last 2+ months. <sigh>.

I like to work out. I like to eat. I like to drink. Taking work outs from this equation is a bad mathematical equation  for me. I was chomping at the bit to see the calorie burn on my wrist monitor to exceed the equivalent of a small meal. This was achieved today. In fact, I wrote the number down along with mileage and average MPH to memorialize. A new work out log. Only one day of a log, but a log, nonetheless.

The freedom gained on my bike was riveting. I took snaps of picturesque scenes that in the past felt routine. Today I savored this views. In retrospect, the picture taking while riding was probably not the best idea. A fall from my sturdy companion would have extended my rehab time and foiled my work out plan for tomorrow.

But all is well. I survived my ride and am still smiling from the enjoyment of it. No motor necessary for this gal. Spandex in place of leather suits me just fine.

The top picture might be how I looked, but this picture is how I felt!


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