September 7, 2013: Step-Dog

Cookie is beat. She is calling it a night. And Cookie doesn't sleep in a doggy bed, she sleeps in the human bed. A dog's life.

A princess, this shih tzu likes a cushy life. Dry dog food always has added cold meat. A walk? Of course.Whenever she's ready. Her favorite spot in the world is on her owner's lap. And her favorite extracurricular activity; sticking her head out an open car window.

One thing Cookie doesn't like is getting her picture taken. She will give me the cutest, most enthusiastic puppy-eyed look. And then as I inconspicuously pick up my phone to snap a photo, she purposely looks away.

Those naysayers who say it can't be purposeful, she's a dog; you are wrong. Cookie doesn't appreciate being photographed, so she chooses not to. That simple. I have taken no less than 50 shots of this dog over the past four years to only capture her tail or the side of her head.

Today I held Cookie in my arms and rubbed her tummy; determined to coax her into a picture. The big N-O. She refused me. It is times like these that I'm convinced that Cookie is part human in her brain capacity. This girl knows exactly what she is doing. Case in point: she has her owner wrapped around her paw.

 I was reminded of Cookie's influence over Garrett on our ride to Lincoln today. I love an open sunroof. Garrett felt it was too hot. As the sunroof remained closed and I lacked fresh air, I thought of Cookie's car treatment. After reminding Garrett of how many (hundreds) of times I have endured the heat and cold from the outside in order to accommodate Cookie's desire to stick her head out the window, the sunroof was quickly opened for me.

I do admire Cookie for her female finesse and skill in getting her way. It's actually cute; both for the dog and her doting owner. You are welcome at my house anytime, Cookie. You'll fit right in.

Picture taking - fail

Sunroof  enjoyment - win


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