September 6, 2013: Sunrise, Sunset

Sunrise...ride to work in the passenger seat
"Sunrise, Sunset...Sunrise, Sunset. Swiftly fly the years. One season following another. Laden with happiness and tears."

I do love Fiddler on the Roof. We put on this play in high school. As part of the chorus, I still remember the words to every song. Just recently I watched the Broadway rendition of this play. As I pondered the title of my blog today, this song rang through my mind.

Sunrise started today different than most. The usual weekday morning events occurred; an early morning workout, a ride to work through rush hour, a hot cup of coffee in hand. The difference was that I wasn't driving. I was the passenger.

Garrett was the pilot. on a workday? A different routine? Definitely. A new routine started this week. Our collaboration on a new business project will bring Garrett to Omaha weekly and on weekdays.

Not only will Garrett be in Omaha more, his dog has moved in. With his heightened travel schedule, we agreed that Cookie living in Omaha would be the best for my step-dog. She has been here before and loves my big backyard. No doubt that Cookie will make many friends, as Harry did, with the volume of dog walkers who pass by the side of my house.

Cookie held down the fort at home today while Garrett and I attended countless work meetings and planning sessions. A good day at the office. And it was so nice riding back home with Garrett as we continued our day into the night. Just as it should be; together.

Time for Friday night lights. A perfect way to enjoy the sunset from Moylan Field, home to the Skutt Skyhawks. Benny, my #9, was on fire. His enthusiasm on the field warms my heart. We sat with Ben's fan club. Ben gave us some pre-game waves showing his appreciation for our presence. As a parent, I do appreciate being appreciated.

With ongoing updates on other games going on around the city, we enjoyed a Skyhawk win among family and friends. The breeze was a welcomed reprieve on a hot summer night. The win? Frosting on the cake. The company? Let's just say it was much better enjoying the day and the game with Garrett at my side rather than a FaceTime update later :)  

Sunset...watching Benny play football from the stands.


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