September 13, 2013: 46...a Good Number and a Win

My 46th birthday went off with a bang. No Friday the 13th fears were going to sideline my once-a-year special day. Although a couple of bumpy moments; Sandy: 10, Bad Luck: 0. A win.

Garrett was here when I awoke in the morning. First score. A fresh cup of coffee greeted me bedside. And the night prior I was treated to a surprise party gathering of friends at Kobe steakhouse. I hadn't expected it. Garrett pulled off a surprise and the company was outstanding. Sandy scores 2.

With a Friday birthday, some work did need to be involved. Since I love what I'm doing, not a bad gig. Garrett and I headed downtown for a full morning and then off to the airport. Back to Denver for GB.

My celebration in Omaha continued. After a a final business meeting, I was greeted with more gifts and a lovely tiara from three mini-princesses. I wore it in their honor for (most of) the rest of the night. Sandy: 3.

Friday night lights awaited; along with some other surprises. I walked in the door of my house to be greeted by an amazing bouquet of flowers from my mom and dad. This annual gift is a pleasure I look forward to and savor until the last bud stops flowering. Zach, Ben and Kathy greeted me as well. Sandy: 4.

All of those years of planning all-boy gi-normous birthday sleepovers have paid off. The boys planned in advance for my big day; bearing gifts and a signed card by the day of the event. My gift basket included an array of colored markers, fruit and nuts snack mix, a water bottle, and a candle. The card was signed by all three with funny notes referring to who was the true favorite child. This is a running joke in our house. "Who's your favorite mom. ME, right?"

My answer, "Of course, its' you, ________ (fill in the blank...Zach, Ben or Grant; depending on who is asking) Sandy: 5.

My dear Aunt Kathy surprised me with a cake. And then we all piled in the car to attend the tailgate pre-Skutt game. The cake and some birthday cheer was enjoyed with my fellow Skutt football parents (a great better group to enjoy my birthday). Sandy: 6.

And then the most coveted gift of all; a Skutt upset of the #1 ranked Elkhorn Antlers. Benny was on fire. All the boys were awesome. There was no better way to ring in the good-ole #46 then among my Skutt contingent watching our boys play hard and with heart. Sandy: 8 (worth an extra point).

When I thought the party was over, there was more. Walking into my home at ten bells, I was greeted with a beautiful bouquet of flowers from Garrett and an amazing card from Stefano. Kathy and I enjoyed a glass of wine and toasted to another good year. Sandy: 10. Bad luck: 0. Friday the 13th B-day? A win :)


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