September 20, 2013: The New Normal

Cookie out for an Omaha drive
Is there such a thing as normal or is normal just what you get used to? I think it's the latter.

I am now almost used to (and enjoying) having a dog back in the house, a boyfriend here on weekdays, more trips to the airport and less trips on the airplane. The new normal.

My life is full of enjoying the final ride of a senior son and the new ride a business adventure. As I look at pictures from the past few years, I note that my hair is longer and midriff larger (need to work on that). Kids have grown (a lot) and my new normal is way different from my old normal of years past. And it's all okay.

We adapt and survive. And when we do it right, we thrive. I often wonder about the secret to thriving and surviving. I really think it is all about making lemonade. There are plenty of lemons thrown at us; day in and day out. But they all can be made into lemonade.

My new mantra: normal (whatever that is) always has to include some lemonade.

The view of downtown after dropping Garrett off at the airport
(just me and Cookie now)


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