September 19, 2013: Throwback Thursday

Pick Aunts (w/Adam, Gma, and me)
Aunts (L to R) Joanie, Connie, Mom, Kathy, Barbara, Rebecca
I recently visited my Aunt Kathy at her cool downtown apartment. As we sipped wine and enjoyed light conversation, a stack of photo albums caught my eye.

After asking permission to peruse, I quickly surmised that I had stumbled upon some lost treasures. Kathy, a lifelong talented photographer, had meticulously documented her life through pictures. My childhood was included in her pictorial story. Many of the found photo treasures were snaps I had never seen before. Forgotten stories and ordinary days were quickly remembered with an emotional flood to my memory.

I'm a sucker for pictures. When visiting friends, I find myself drawn to all the photos framed on walls and shelves. I love to hear about the different people that played such an important role that their photo is displayed front and center. An army picture of a young soldier now an elder or a baby picture of a grown man; all gateways to a piece of their being. Shining eyes and affectionate looks can't be hidden from the viewer of a still shot.

The picture above made me smile. I quickly remembered what it felt like to be ten years old. I had forgotten about my beloved embroidered knit vest. I absolutely loved spending time with my grandma and aunts. My position in the picture (plopped in the middle) and smile on my face says it all.

Kathy caught on to my enthusiasm as I ravished through her albums like a picture-starved savage. I left with a folder full of favorites for later scanning and her promise to let me look through each and every album when more time allowed.

Today I looked through my new treasures even more closely. Reminders of a forgotten past were many times displayed subtlety in the background. Details that were once a part of my childhood normalcy, like the beauty of my mother with her hair pulled back and an uncle with a cigarette in hand and beer can nearby. Just like yesterday...

Mom at the farm. Proud aerial picture displayed above her pretty head.
Hangin' with my cool Uncle David. I was looking at photos :)


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