September 5, 2013: Throwback Thursday

There are so many throwbacks in this picture...not sure where to start
Throwback Thursday Entry:
  • Taken Easter of 1995. Definitely a throwback. Zach was almost two and I was twenty-seven.
  • Let's start with me...
    • off-white hose - I had an entire drawer filled with these nylon leggings. My favored shades were tan (looked like the real thing...not), off white, and light black. A common unplanned store run, along with milk and diapers, was replacement pantyhose. The legwear I am sporting in this picture appear to be a special shiny silky line. I think I began my bare-legged run in about 2002. I have shown my true legs with confidence since and have never looked back.
    • big hair - I used hot rollers, would "pick" out, and then tip my head for volume while generously spraying smelly hair spray. My favored mini-bangs were curled under with a conventional curling iron. It took a lot of shampoo and time to start fresh the next morning.
    • jewelry - go bold or go home. Described in three words...heavy, gold, and noticeable
  • My run as an interior decorator...
    • This was our first house and I proudly played the unpaid role of interior decorator. And I loved it. The room we are sitting in was my prized room. I carefully chose the Laura Ashley color palette.
    • The decorative pillows and window treatments were handmade by me; as much by hand as by sewing machine. I would spend entire weekends with yards of tapestry covering the living room. I would skillfully sew and pleat these mauve and baby blue beauties; with the final product stapled onto boards and framed around my windows.
    • I had old couches and chairs recovered in matching prints. I made the flower arrangement on the coffee table to match. I was the Hobby Lobby queen in all sections of this homemaker retail haven.
    • Fast forward to our second guilty pleasure was hiring a skilled interior decorator. I quickly learned that I didn't know what I didn't know. I was happy with my retirement from the interior design world.
  • Baby Zach...
    • My mom made most of his clothes and all of his special occasion clothes. This Easter outfit included soft cotton overalls in yellow and baby blue with a matching hat (I was happy that he matched my living room furniture).
    • The stuffed bunnies seemed like a good idea at the time. Grandma Mary gets extra credit for sewing matching overalls for Grant's little bow-tied bunny. Although the furry toys looked cute on beds; they multiplied by the third boy, accumulated dust, and ultimately made Goodwill very happy in later years.
    • Check out the scabs on Zach's knees and the sticky sucker face. It took me years to learn that it was impossible to fully "clean up" little boys. All the cute bunnies, handmade clothes, and great background furniture don't make for perfectly made up boys.
Zach in my matching green living room chair


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