September 22, 2013: Sunday Starts at Church and Ends at Church

Scott taking a pix of Church #1 on Church Road
I gave Church Road another ride this morning. This go around I wasn't sick. Interestingly enough, the sky was just as blue and the day, just as beautiful as the last ride. But today I was a different person. No coughing or wheezing, just enjoying a great ride with great people. A perfect start to a Sunday.

As with any great ride, we worked hard at solving life's problems over those 35 miles of rolling country hills. Most was spent talking healthcare with Scott. Our goal is common; how to best help people stuck in an ineffective system. The insight from the conversation was a win.

Between the bookends of my day (Church Road in the morning, real church at night) was a lot of Sunday splendor; Starbucks, gas, groceries, yard work, laundry, dog walking and e-mail reading. All within the confines of my wonderful home with open windows filling it with the feel of fall. Another win.

Church was at 5:30 and the message, a good one. Although much of the sermon centered around greed and our inability to serve two Gods, a closing comment got my attention. "We must make the most impact in the few years we have."

That's what it's really all about, isn't it? How impactful we can make our days, our moments? We need to continually challenge ourselves to positively impact each life we touch. My life choices do make a difference.

The comment in the sermon brought me back to my earlier conversation on Church Road. As we work to fix a very broken healthcare system, we must always remember our goal; positively impacting the lives of people, one patient at a time.

Scott checking the quality of his pix. Church #2 on Church Road


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