September 21, 2013: Middle School Dance

Grant attended his first school dance last night. Per his estimation, there were 600 kids at this multi-school dance for 8th graders. Based on the traffic and volume of kids swarming in at drop off, I wouldn't doubt it. Two hours later, I picked him up and I did what any good mother would do. I interrogated him.

I was very curious how this "dance" played out since the 8th grade graduation dances I have observed in the past did not mirror my school dances growing up. Kids either jumped up and down in packs or kids just plain didn't dance. Girls appeared to be trying out their many learned moves from dance classes, separated from the boys.

Me: "Did you dance?"

G: "Yea. Mom, it was a dance."

Grant was obviously confused at my question. <duh!>. I was as equally confused with his answer. <really?>

Me: "Did you dance with girls?"

Now he was downright annoyed.

G: "Who else would I dance with?"

Me: <silent shock>

Me: "Did you know the girls you danced with?"

G: "I did after I danced with them."

I got a few more details out of him including the fact that he thought it was dumb to go to a dance and not dance. A few of his male classmates agreed and decided to find some girls to dance with. And that they did.

Final comment from Grant, "That was fun, Mom. There's another one in a couple of weeks. Can I go?"

Yep. A plan. Sounds like we are officially transitioning into the high school years. Although I'm a little sad that an era is ending, I am also happy that he's not afraid to dance. Go get em', Grant.


  1. This is so funny, Sandy. I remember detesting junior high and my girls really didn't enjoy those tween teen years either. It is a relief when they trudge off to high school to a new fresh group of faces.

    1. Thanks! I think he is ready. And now he knows a few new fresh faces too :)


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