September 12, 2013: Firsts and Seconds

Today was a day of firsts and seconds. The older I get, the more I am reminded of things I have never done. I don't typically think about the big things like climbing the Himalayas or swimming the English Channel. I think about the smaller things. For instance, I've never had a massage and I've never shot a gun. I don't know why. Neither were deliberate decisions. Either the opportunity never came up or I was never asked.

I have also never bought or smoked a cigarette. Until today. No need to panic. I will keep up my streak of smokeless days, but I did purchase these tobacco wrappers for a friend. Walking into a gas station, I presented the friend's last box (now empty) and said "I need to buy some of these." The young man behind the counter burst out laughing.

Man: "That's the funniest sh_ _ I've heard all day."

Me: "Sorry. I've never bought cigarettes before. I'll take two."

Man: "Ma'am, I just stopped smoking, please don't tell me you're going to start."

Me: "Oh, no. I turn 46 tomorrow and just today realized that I've never bought cigarettes before. They're for a friend. I thought it would be a good thing to check off the list while I was still 45."

Man:  "If this is your bucket list, you are pretty easy to please!"

Eleven dollars later, I walked out the door noticing that I was still wearing disposable sandals provided from a quick pedicure. My business attire complimented with hot pink flip flops must have added to the peculiarity of my request.

We'll see if the massage and gun shooting goes better.

My second major contribution of the day was more positive and was a second time around for me. I hosted (along with the help several other parent volunteers) the weekly pre-game football pasta feed. The venue was my backyard and the menu, pasta (anticipated) and pizza (unanticipated). I had hosted a feed a few years back when Zach played.

The smelly boys came in groves after practice, filling the tables and their plates. By the time the younger sophomores arrived, the meat sauce was aplenty, but the pasta noodles; almost gone. After me having a panic attack, Zach saved the day by making a quick run to Little Caesar's. No boy went home hungry and there were no leftovers. Not even a bottle of water was left unopened.

And then I noticed boys sitting on the swings and boys jumping on the trampoline. The yard was full of boys and laughter. And then my heart swelled. It had been too quiet for too long.

These loud, smelly boys were also thankful and polite. I will chalk this one up to a good second round.

Boys on swing set

Boys watching tramp tricks
(until I realized that a football player getting hurt in my backyard
the night before a game would be a bad thing)
Boys on tramp


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