September 10, 2013: An Abandoned Park

Ready for a walk to the park
On a recent bike ride, I noticed something that has gone unnoticed by me for a long time; my neighborhood park. Funny how I have ridden by it countless times accessing my favorite trail without a second thought or glance. This would have been an impossibility in my world ten years ago.

The radius of our world in those days very much included the park. After dinner or nap time, our favorite trip was this two block walk. When not using our legs, we favored scooters, bikes, and a little green wagon.

The Little Tikes wagon was the main mode of transportation for Baby Grant. With a dog leash one hand and my other, pulling the wagon along; we would meander around the neighborhood. If Harry get tired, he would hop in with his pal, Grant.

The many boy populated sleep-overs and end-of-year baseball parties would include a trip to the park. And we would use every corner of land available to us. From home run derby's at the ball field to playing in the sand; we would stay until dark.

Fireflies were caught in jars and slides climbed on in ways not intended by their designer. A good day for the boys often ended with a good night at the park. And then I blinked and the boys grew up.

The wagon has since been donated to a neighbor boy and a backyard trampoline replacing the neighboring playground. The park became a distant memory. With boy #3 hitting his teen years, it has now been completely forgotten. Until I noticed it again today.

Time does fly by. Kids grow and moms find their own hobbies with their new-found time. I now fly by the next generation of young moms at the park without a second glance. And I am just a spandex, helmeted afterthought to them as well.

In reality they are a glimpse of my past and me; a look into their future. But we don't necessarily notice as we follow our own paths that correspond with our temporary bit of happiness. From strollers to training wheels to scooters. And now to a mom on her own recreational vehicle. The cycle continues...

Park day ~ 2006

An afterthought (at best) ~ 2013


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