July 31, 2013: Okoboji Day 2

Our evening view
Okoboji Day Two is now in the bag. And it was a good one. God gave us sun from morning to night.

God also challenged my patience a bit with many calls from back home to interrupt the day. Home ownership issues never go away and contractors, many times a pain. But after a run and some thoughtful reflection, I had to separate myself.

We all fall into this. Annoyances in life that pull us down when we should be enjoying life. The bottom feeders will always be circling, wanting to pull us down with them. It is so much easier to go down and wallow rather than fight to join the fish swimming in the sun.

I chose to fight for the sun and it was well worth it. Our crew of seven meandered back to Arnold's Park for more rides and water fun before boarding the Queen II for a great tour of this beautiful lake. Captain Bill was our skipper and a fine one at that.

Grandpa Larry, Garrett and I enjoyed the hour-long descriptive tour. The kids relaxed and slept for most of it. As we piled off the boat, I eyed my Uncle Jay on the dock. We had this same random meeting a year ago at the same place. Love Okoboji...truly a joint stomping grounds for those who grew up near here.

Next stop was for Nutty Bars and then back to Crescent Beach. My big boys had anxiously arrived. Our crew was now at capacity with nine. And Zach and Ben were raring to go. What to do first? Fish? Arnold's Park?

The agreement was a big dinner with many leftovers for our forever-hungry crew. After a small rental fee for a very large gas grill and a Wal-Mart run for a variety of meats to grill, we were set. Larry brought sweet corn from Indiana that were added to the grill. Food flowed freely and the kids ate happily. Watermelon and homemade salsa were a hit as well.

After dinner there was time more fishing and a lot of relaxing. Garrett chose to swim with the youngest two for a cold water, throw-around boy fun. I chose to sit in my pop-up chair and enjoy the view pictured above. The sound of laughs in the lake and beside me on the lakefront lawn was a perfect bliss for me.

Playing boys


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