August 1, 2013: Okoboji Day 3

Ending the night with Aunt Gwen & Co.
Day 3 was a day of family and fishing. The lake continues to absorb us with it's twinkling blue water. It captivates most during the clear peaceful mornings and at the setting of the sun.

We began our day relaxing by the lake with a cup of coffee and then another. Jake was the first up to take another fishing lesson from Grandpa Larry, an expert in this category. It was amusing to hear the techniques of removing hooks and the correct size of caught fish. It didn't take long for Grant to join in. Fishing has been entertaining the masses on and off throughout our days here.

The great thing about vacations on the lake are the casual nature of our existence. Some kids get up early to fish. Others sleep in. Garrett and I enjoyed a coffee with outside world updates (computer) and then a run together. Time? Who knows. We pay little attention. We eat when we're hungry and move on to new territory when the natives get restless.

Our afternoon including lunch at Bob's Drive-In (note to Iowans...Garrett didn't like the Bob Dog <gasp>), throwing the football at Arnorld's Park Beach, and putt-putt golf. The adults solved life's problems over a beer at Pirate Jack's on the pier while the kids ran wild at the amusement park. Just the way it should be.

And then the memories flowed freely as my relatives visited at night. The Kardell's are from Spencer and have been the Lane's lake companions over our many years of vacationing here. Aunt Gwen and I laugh like sisters, as though we've never been apart. Last night we remembered sitting in our same spots with Grandma Marie and reminisced how she enjoyed the lake and watching her great-grandchildren play.

Grandma is now gone and the Kardell and Lane kids, nearly grown up. Times have changed, as has the substance of our families. This is the first year the Brucker's have been in the mix. Gwen is now a grandma. The new kiddos to watch at play are cousin Liz's children.

I am happy it is only Thursday. There will be more family time on the lake and at the park this weekend with new memories to be made.


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