August 5, 2013: Mama Bear Story II

Guest blogger for this story is the ever-so-funny Mama Bear, Cindy Ruma

Mama Bear with Papa and cubs
We had a bully in the neighborhood when my kids were growing up, circa 1990. In this case it wasn't a kid, but the mom. She was one of "those moms". Her kids were perfect and she was ever so quick to call and reprimand other children.

One day, she called to tell me that my seven year old daughter had called her son a f'ing asshole. Since bad language is my forte, I was not surprised. The mom demanded I discipline her.

And I did. I called my daughter in with multiple stern warnings. Then she was sent off to her room for the rest of the day.

Shortly afterwards, my son came in and told me I was not being fair to his sister. The recipient of the wronged words had first punched my daughter in the stomach.

WELLLL....after a short time in her room, the seven-year old inmate was released. Mama Bear then promptly called Mama Bully, explaining to her the full story. I demanded that she discipline her son. Am I proud of how I worded this conversation? Probably not. BUT, Mama Bully NEVER called my house again. 


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