August 2, 2013: Okoboji Day 4

Breakfast surprise
An eventual rainy day at the lake began with breakfast made and served by the kids. As the adults enjoyed coffee lakeside under cloudy skies, the kids asked "what's for breakfast?"

My response was "I cooked dinner last night. The kids are in charge of breakfast."

They didn't miss a beat. Within a half an hour, the first course was served. Fruit, yogurt, and coffee in an orange juice glass. We putzed on our computers enjoying our first round when the second course was served; bacon and eggs with salsa. A welcomed morning treat. And they even cleaned up after themselves.

Warm refreshments and chess at Arnold's Perk
Then it started to rain. Just a sprinkle, but progressive throughout the day. No week at the lake is complete without a rainy day. So we did the rainy day lake activities: visit to the fish hatchery, coffee and pastries with checkers, shopping at the Emporium.

We were hoping for go-karts and dinner outside at Barefoot Beach. But it wasn't meant to be. Instead, Garrett and I spent a couple of hours at the laundromat with the kids meeting us at the Pizza Ranch for an all-you-can-eat buffet. All were happy.

The rain did finally stop for a perfectly clear-sky evening. As the adults sat in our pop-up chairs enjoying the sunset, my relatives visited one-by-one. The kids (covering ages 10 to 20) swam in the lake together and played games on the water tramps and inflatables.

The day wasn't as planned. But that's what rainy days are all about...deviating from the text.


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