August 3, 2013: Cruisin'

Yesterday was Day Five at Lake Okoboji. We started the morning with a fun treat. Gwen and Bruce lent us their cool cruisin' bikes. This little gift allowed Garrett, Larry and I to go on a lake riding adventure.

At first the ride felt a bit awkward. After logging countless miles on our fancy road bikes, the look and feel of no bike gear on these upright contraptions was different from what Garrett and I were accustomed to. Larry, on the other hand, felt right at home. He explained to us his enjoyment of nightly rides on a similar bike in Indiana.

It took no time at all until I felt comfortable riding this traditional bicycle; just like a young girl again. I'm not sure what brought on the many childhood memories that came back to me. My head was populated with thoughts of riding on the gravel road to my grandparents farm and through the streets of Remsen. I felt like I did thirty-five years ago on my banana seat with streamers flowing from of my handlebars.

The three of us followed the beautiful Iowa Lakes trails enjoying the wildflowers, tall grass, and a blue lake in the distance. There were times I could smell the neighboring farms and other times, the sound of far-away dogs lingered. All pieces of memories from bike rides from my youth.

We stopped for coffee and some good Saturday morning conversation in Milford, Iowa. The small town coffee shop fell perfectly into the feel of our carefree morning.

Maybe it was the lack of helmet, wind through my long hair, or the upright feel of this ride with elbows extended and a straight back. But I definitely felt like I was ten years old again. Without a care in the world.

I guess you can take the girl out of Iowa, but you can't completely take Iowa out of the girl.

Coffee break


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