August 11, 2013: Close of Summer

Grant, Ben and Linds
I ran into Miss Lindsey Fey late Saturday night. Really late. As opposed to summers from our past, this meeting was at a bar and not in my backyard. I was trying to act like a young adult again and she was just being one.

With impending back-to-school and seeing our little Linds all grown up, a flood of memories came back to me. Lindsey was nothing short of entertainment for my boys as they grew up. A babysitter, a friend, a ball of constant motion...that was little Lindsey.

The picture above was taken in my backyard. They had a baby pool filled and a hose spraying everywhere. Although I'm unsure of the need for the pool net (as big as the pool itself), I am sure it was fun nonetheless. The picture below is an action shot following the posed shot. It makes me laugh.

Note Lindsey's dramatic sprint from the errant net. The hose is spraying everywhere and the toppled little scooter...your guess is as good as mine. Previously taken down the mini pool slide?

Is it any wonder that Grant took an aluminum bat to the forehead one year later in the same back yard? No pool was involved in this accident. Just a whiffle ball game with aluminum bats and popsicles. Try to piece that story together. I will just give you the ending. A visit to the emergency room, six stitches to the head, and a Harry Potter lightning bolt scar left as later proof.

<sigh>. I miss the bustle and busyness of my back yard. Lindsey, you can come back and play anytime.


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