August 28, 2013: Supper and Sliders

The boys. Added note: check out Ben's turf-burned leg
In Iowa we called it Supper. In Nebraska, it's dinner. Growing up, we had dinner at noon and supper as our last meal of the day. Nebraska sees things differently. Although it took a while to get used to this change in translation upon moving to the big red state, I got used to it; with only occasional relapses.

Last night what we had was definitely supper. Mostly because it sounded good with the meal choice, sliders. Supper and sliders was the theme for the night.

Along with a great routine, I love to cook for my family. It makes me happy to fill their plates with "growing boy" food and sit down to family conversation. This seems to be more of a rare occurrence these days with everyone's busy schedules. Last night the moon and the stars did align for us as we enjoyed a meal together.

Despite the hot weather, I endured outside grilling. And then was a bit shocked when the boys wanted to eat outside as well. It ended up being a good idea on a nice summer night. Just a little warm.

The hand-pattied sliders were a hit off the grill on to toasted buns. Carb-loading these football boys continued with a side (big side) of potato wedges. Smoothies chucked full of fruit and hidden healthy adds was the final menu item. All were full and happy. Which makes this mom smile. It really is the small things in life, isn't it?

A special shout out to Ben Lane for the accompanying background music he blue-toothed in from his I-Phone. Not a clue on who the artists were or what they were saying. If I could actually understand them, I would most likely find the lyrics offensive. The boys said I was listening to the "best" in music. Thanks...I guess. It provided some good dialogue between us and I now consider myself "cultured".

Yes, last night was definitely supper. Just like the good old days in Iowa. Nothing fancy, but just as special.


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