November 6, 2013: Dinner Time

The boys' idea of games
I love family dinners. Tonight was no exception. The flurry of voices with sharing of our day over warm buns and steak was the perfect cap on a fall day. Too often our sit-down dinners are the first to go as I carefully maneuver through the squeeze play of daily life. Nights like tonight remind me of the importance of this family time.

We went about our day in business-like-usual mode. Grant was dropped off first. With a warm cup of coffee in hand, I went through the family schedule and reminded him of steak night. The thought of this family dinner perked him up. Enthusiastic questions on sides and other participants quickly followed.

Ben was next reminded of the same schedule and meal plan as he skedaddled out the door to start his school day. With Garrett in route from Denver, a family dinner was sealed. No unexpected delays or curve balls late in my day were going to sidetrack the marinating steaks awaiting me in the frig.

With no school tomorrow, we were joined by Brendon for an overnighter. He and Grant plan on shadowing Ben and friend at Skutt High School. This brought on some great conversation over Garrett's perfectly grilled steaks. Ben shared his thoughts with us on his upcoming playoff game.

We ate, we laughed, and we talked. And then the kids cleaned up. More conversation was had between the boys during this exercise. Family time. Priceless.

I was once told by siblings that their mother didn't cook. They rarely sat down for dinner. How sad, was my initial thought. She had no clue what she'd been missing. It really isn't about the cooking or even the dish prepared. It's about the time together around the table. Dinner time together is a family jewel. Savor it like the meal.

Sandy's note to self: Family dinner should always be the last to go in my future squeeze play decision-making.


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