November 29, 2013: Family Best

This was the picture fail before to the final keeper
The best things about family holidays aren't necessarily the turkey or the perfectly set table. And although the planned outings are fun, it's the random moments that we all remember. For us it's the many laughs shared.

Our jokes and bantering may not be funny to those outside our tight circle of family, but to us, they are hilarious. The picture above demonstrates one of the many moments of laughter over our 48 hours together.

Mom wanted a "group shot"; a family photo. The final product was turned into a Christmas card of sorts (below), and posted on FaceBook. For those who wouldn't know better, one would assume with a smile and a click; the family photo of choice was captured. That was not the case.

There were several "fails" before the successful shot was had. With Mom setting the camera timer, she was having trouble making it into the picture prior to the picture being taken. We would roar in laughter, watching her run to get within lens range; only to have a flash go off before her arrival.

When going through the final digital shots, we first laughed at the shot above; poking fun of Ky's hair bulb covering Matt's face and Dad resembling the statue we made fun of at our recent visit to a Mexican restaurant. We then picked the perfect picture, until Mom gave it the final look and noticed something missing. The one we picked didn't have Mom in it. More laughter.

Now you know the story behind our Christmas card and why we are laughing in the failed shot above.

Happy Holidays from all of us. Wishing all of our friends and family many laughs, smiles, and warmth of family this Christmas season!

The Wagner clan
 (clockwise Dad, Garrett W (Mark & Meg's son), Mark, Meg, Matt, me, Garrett B, Mom, Ky (Matt's daughter))


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