November 13, 2013: Jackpot

I spent $70 on a life size poster of my son. This was an "ask" of the football parents for senior night. I didn't even give it a second thought. My son certainly wasn't going to be the only one without a poster. So I proudly purchased it, knowing it would have potential reuses at playoffs, graduation, etc...

Thank-you, Skutt, for the win streak the allows this treasure to keep paying for itself. This life size image of Benny Lane has since shown up at two games post-regular season. Looking at the rolled-up poster in my garage this weekend, I decided to hang it on my front door for good luck (and increase my return on investment).

Saturday turned out to be a beautiful day. I took my dog for a leisurely walk in the afternoon. Our walk began with my inspection of this front door decoration with a view from the street. I was pleased.

As Cookie and I finished our typical loop around the neighborhood, we came upon two walkers. These two young girls of Asian descent were walking past my house, unaware of the property owner behind them. One of the girls was wearing a Skutt sweatshirt.

The girls stopped in front of my house, looking at my new decor. They didn't speak English, so I hadn't a clue what they were saying. They paused and walked closer to the front door. And then they started taking pictures of Ben's image with their phones. With giggles, they continued their walk.

Taking another look at my door, I was reminded of a similar event that happened many years back with my nephew, Russell. This event included a photo as well and me being giddy about sharing Russell's image.

Russell was playing high school football for Millard West at the time. He was a good player. Being his aunt and having the same last name many times gave me "superstar" status with his peers.

On a Saturday very similar to this last, my doorbell rang. At the door were two teenage girls. After explaining they were having a scavenger hunt with a larger group of Millard West girls, they asked for their desired item; a photograph. I asked if they knew Russell Lane. They enthusiastically told me "Yes!" and immediately lit up when I told them I was his aunt.

I couldn't help myself as a feeling of significance overtook me. I ran into the basement and pulled out an old photo of Baby Russ from a discolored photo album. With pride and ego, I presented this treasure to the high school glee girls.

"OH MY GOD!! We hit the JACKPOT!!!!!!" they squealed as they hugged, jumping up and down.

With continuous thank-you's, the excited girls left my yard. I could still hear them giggling as they crossed the street. Once my superstar status wore off, I had regret on giving away a baby picture of my nephew to complete strangers. I didn't even ask their names. But I just couldn't help myself. Human weakness. Fail.

Sorry that I was so quick to sell you out for my own gratification, Russell. Lesson learned. And, Ben, I promise I won't give your poster away. No matter how much anyone begs.


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