November 22, 2013: Life is an Adventure

My new office
After spending most of my work year as a nomad, we now have some temporary office space that we call home. It's a bit of a war room with white boards galore, but the amenities of constant coffee and a desk with pictures of my kids brings a sense of comfort. A thoughtful spot. An occasional routine.

It's interesting how the mental mindset of a "home", whether personal or work, does calm the spirit. Chaos feels more manageable with a thoughtful spot. But for the most part, everyday is still a new adventure.

I am reminded of this each time I look ahead (or behind) on my Outlook calendar. Today would be an example.

Our early morning began with a workout at Lifetime and a slow drive to midtown in the first snow of the year. Next Garrett and I landed in the comfort of the war room. Lots of planning was had with colored sticky notes and collaborative brain power. I took my boyfriend to the airport to return to Denver at noon. He bought a house (our new house in Denver...I get to decorate :)) when he got off the plane. Cousin Angelina from Washington flew for a weekend visit an hour after Garrett flew out. Ring shopping with Angelina and our favorite jewelry consultant, Aunt Kathy, at Gunderson's. The Hunger Games with two cousins, two kids, a kid's friend and his dad. And then wine at home. Somewhere in between, two animals were fed, business relationships; solified, and two of Grant's friends ended up spending the night.

All in a day's work. I think the office is just a facade for crazy. But it sure makes me feel better.


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