November 15, 2013: These are the Glory Days

Skutt Seniors <3
This picture makes me smile. The boys took their last stand under the Friday night lights of their home turf. A parent snapped this photo after their winning game. On to the State Championship.

Glory days. This is the phrase that came to mind as I looked at their faces. Glowing smiles. Eighteen year-old joy. A great journey to Memorial Stadium.

This group of boys is nothing short of a band of brothers. They've had each other's back every step of the way. This season has dealt some with adversity; on and off the field. But the boys have reacted by rallying.

They play as a team. They win as a team. And they support each other as a team. Together they are having a ball.

My son is one of many blonde bombs that fill the Skyhawk sidelines. Today I ran into a handful of his counterparts at the Husker game. They run in packs. Rarely do you see one player without two or three by his side.

Still brimming with excitement over last night's win, they continued to be humble; thankful for our support. Good kids. And then the four boys, with their collective self-imposed bad hair colors, laughed like carefree freshmen and went about their day.

Through four years of high school, these boys have together played the game of football. Side by side, they practice their positions with the goal of perfection as they prepare for their next opponent. They are now enjoying the fruits of this long labor. The road to Memorial Stadium was achieved one game at a time.

I will hold these smiles from last night's win in my memory. Seeing their collective faces as they first step under the lights of Memorial Stadium is a moment I am looking forward to. Game on, Skyhawks. Enjoy your glory days. You deserve it.


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