October 6, 2013: Hat Trick

A stylin' Kathy with Gpa and Gma
Not too long ago, my friends and I were showing off our hats at Jazz on the Green. We were feeling pretty styling; almost cutting edge. And then a trip down Memory Lane via Kathy's extensive photo library reminded me that there were many, many great hat-wearers before us. My aunts' proud head toppers were at the front of the pack.

Case in point is my Aunt Kathy. Just look at her pull off that look in the picture above. Not only is she rocking the hat, but how about the matching red shoes and thick classic tie? The plaid shirt with leather jacket are the perfect finish. And all back in the seventies. 2013 has nothing on Kathy.

And I would be remiss not to point out my grandpa's leisure suit and grandma's knotted scarf and open-toed white sandals. It appears that they're on their way to a bridal shower based on the wrapped gift Grandma is holding. The picture was taken on the front steps to the farm.

Next on the hat-topper Hall of Fame is my Aunt Joan. Not only was her willowy figure and long hair perfect for the floppy bridal hat, but I don't believe she is wearing a bra. The seventies strike again. None of us tried that at Jazz on the Green.

Cousin Carol Leach will have to explain their conversation and broad smiles. No doubt our fashion through the years captured with film and disposable bulbs will keep giving us all smiles.


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