October 1, 2013: A Step into October

Stunning view of Beaver Creek Lake
As October began, our hiking fun ended. All good things must come to an end. And this two day retreat in the spectacular Rockies did just that. But not without a fun-filled day.

Cindy and I did all the wonderful "girl" things. Starting the day with coffee and ending with wine (and a little wine in the middle), we filled our day with a fabulous hike, great food, and shopping in BC village.

Everything was a walk from our rented condo in the village. The crowds were small and mild. I was told by a fellow Omahan that this is "shoulder season" in the mountains. I was previously unfamiliar with this term, but understood better after our two day invasion of Beaver Creek.

We had to be sure to check ahead on whether shops and restaurants were even open. Shoulder season is definitely nice and quiet. With "Restaurant Week" on the mountain, we were able to try out some great food at reasonable prices.

The highlight of the day was definitely the hike. Although it did take a couple of trips back to the room to collect forgotten poles and jackets (did I mention we were staying within walking distance?), the Beaver Creek Trail was worth it.

This was a much shorter and less strenuous hike from the day before. And we were not alone. We met many hikers and dogs along the way. It was fun to spend time on the beautiful slopes less the snow.

Now time to go home to the flat lands. And for all those ladies interested, the vote was unanimous...we will be back next year!

My retreat sister, Cindy


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