October 2, 2013: Costume Throwback

Pals: Woody and Buzz
Did I ever mention that I love Halloween? I mean, I REALLY love Halloween. I love the colors and the costumes, the smells and the fall air. I love everything about this time of year.

When the boys were little, I would make their costumes. One of my favorites (and Zach's) was the year we went with a Toy Story theme.

With a chubby baby Ben Lane and Zach's love for everything Toy Story, I created Buzz and Woody costumes for the boys. Ben was an adorable stout version of Woody. Zach was thrilled to dress up as his new favorite character, Buzz Lightyear.

I painstakingly created Buzz by piecing together various superhero patterns while mirroring what I saw in Zach's Toy Story picture books. The final product was so impressive that Zach won the "best costume" award at a kids Halloween run. I was one proud mama.

A chubby Ben is more interested in the candy on the floor
This was the start of even grander ideas and Halloween creations in the years to come. The next two years followed with cute matching dinosaurs and fighting ninja's (Aunt Gwen called them little Elvis'). I was on top of the world, basking in my creative glory.

And then my costumer days came to a crashing halt. All it takes to stop a mom dead in her tracks is  a child crying real tears. This is what happened and led to the end of homemade costumes in the Lane house.

After a day of school that included sharing Halloween costume ideas with classmates, six year-old Zach came home in tears. As I comforted and coaxed the misery out of him, Zach finally looked up at me with his big blue eyes and delivered the blow.

"Mom, why can't I be like all the other kids and just buy my Halloween costume at the store?"

With those words and a few tears from mom, an era came to an abrupt end. I complied in allowing Zach to select his specially made costume from Target. And we have never looked back.

I have since added an art room in my basement to fill my artistic void. And to my boys' delight; none of my projects involve matching outfits or wearable art.

The last hoorah


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