October 12, 2013: A Day in the Red

Split alliances
Saturday was a good day. Better for the Lane's than the Brucker boys. The Lane's were part of the Big Red contingent. Garrett and Jake were pulling for the Boilermakers. Lily was neutral. It was definitely a day in the red.

We will give Garrett a bye since he is a Purdue alum. Jake gets the bye simply because he belongs to Garrett. But regardless of the score, it was fun to take in an away game. Purdue and Nebraska had last played each other in 1958. The Purdue fans were very nice and the campus was beautiful. Garrett played a great tour guide.

Although we packed rain ponchos and were slightly overdressed, we welcomed the sunny skies and warm temperature. As expected we ran into familiar faces among the Husker fans. A running joke continued as I eyed my neighbors sitting five rows in front of us. We live in the same circle, but see each other more often outside of Omaha. Within the last year, we have randomly ran into each other at the Iowa game, skiing in Colorado, and now at the Purdue game.

Trips to the campus book store and student union produced a logo football, jersey, and sweatpants; all in Boiler black and gold. The football was in constant motion as we strolled along campus and to the game. Lily joined in, always a good sport although the only girl among boys. I love having Lily with us. She is a dream for a teenage girl; extremely low maintenance, goes with the flow, and avoids drama. A girl after my own heart. And she's fun.

Day two of our whirlwind tour of Indiana and Illinois ended with dinner out with Garrett's college roommate and his wife. It was the same steakhouse that Pat and Garrett went to for fraternity formals back in their college days. Garrett reflected this morning that it was thirty years ago that he started his college journey.

Fast forward a very fast thirty years and Garrett is now discussing with his college roommate the college plans of their own children. Other topics included diminishing hair, plans for life after school-aged kids, and a trip to bring their families together again.

Not a good day for the Purdue football team, but it sure was a great day for us to enjoy our time in Layfayette. The sea of red took over the stadium and the town, and were welcomed with open arms. It must be a Midwestern thing. We look forward to returning the favor in Lincoln.


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