October 26, 2013: An Underbooked Saturday

me and my pals
We had all kinds of aspirations for our fall Saturday. With Grant done with football and a Husker away game, the day was ours. Initially I thought we would go to the Pumpkin Patch. A movie with Zach? Walk around Village Pointe. Yes! We would to do it all. And then there was a neighborhood party at 7:00.

This is my downfall. And Grant is right by my side. We never want to miss a fun time. In turn we tend to overbook our free days.

I will give credit to my furry friends for giving me strength to say "No" this go around. With no morning interruption of an alarm clock, Cookie and I slept in. I put on my favorite slippers, made my Keurig coffee, and snuggled into my favorite chair; leopard to match my slippers. Bliss.

I wrote a blog and enjoyed the quiet of the morning. And then the rest of the house woke up. Ben was sore from his game the night before; wondering what was in store for breakfast. Grant, my forever planner, was concerned on our timeline for the day; particularly when we were meeting friends at the Pumpkin Patch.

As I sat snuggled in my chair with a dog at my side and a cat on my chest, the Pumpkin Patch didn't sound so good anymore. I discussed my thoughts with Grant. After incorporating other fun events on the calendar, namely our neighbor's costume party, we decided to clear our afternoon. No scheduled events until the 7:00 party. Final answer.

Ben's new non-Halloween do
And boredom did not prevail. Grant and Ben played on the tramp and vegged for the entire afternoon. I went through a stack of accumulated paper, got a pedicure, and visited the Apple store. Three loads of laundry were cleaned and a dog happily walked through my neighborhood.

Ben did find time to dye his hair at a friend's house. Some sort of football playoff gesture. Purportedly, he is not alone. I think he kind of looks like the bad guy from the Harry Potter movies. He says he just looks cool.

Then we blinked and it was 7:00. Party time.

We do love the Pumpkin Patch, but we didn't miss it today. It was a very good underbooked-kind-of day. And we were very well rested for the costume party :)
Our looks are temporary!


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