October 18, 2013: Senior Night

Pre-game senior-athlete introductions
Friday night was one of a first and the beginning of a lot of lasts. Since our oldest didn't play sports his senior year, we have never been involved in senior night festivities. This special night under the lights was new to us; a first. There were introductions in front of the crowd and handshakes from the coach. It was very nice. I'm glad we were able to participate. With a great game and a win, it was a nice night for our senior, Ben.

On the way to the game, I read my e-mail giving the parent instructions on where and when to line up. Then it hit me. This was Ben's last home game. I hadn't thought about this until that moment in time. Ben really was a senior and this was just the start of a lot of lasts. Reality officially set in.

We have been so consumed in the hoopla of fall football, senior pictures, and senior privileges that I haven't had time to think about all the lasts. It is just starting. Next will be the last game and the last football banquet; followed by the last Christmas break and then a whirlwind spring.

The great part of being a senior mom, a football mom, is the other parents. As senior moms, we are all going through these steps together. Collectively we felt the same heart tug as we received a hug from our boys following their senior night introduction.

Although we celebrate our Skyhawk wins together in jubilation, our tight group of Skyhawk parents also celebrate the boys' small victories, on and off the field. These fine young men continue to impress us with their attitude, character, and comradery as a team.

As parents, we see senior events like these as lasts. For our seniors it really is the beginning of a series of firsts. The football field is just the start.


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