October 29, 2013: Vote for Grant

Even Cookie is helping
Last night was a late night fire drill at my house. A Vote-for-Grant, poster-making, last-minute project surprised me at bedtime.

As I was on a video call with Garrett at 11:00 p.m., I erroneously assumed Grant was asleep in bed. His bedtime is 10:30. My assumption was incorrect.

Mid-sentence, Grant blasted into my room in a complete panic. It was as though the house was on fire.

“Mom, I need to make two posters for the Student Council election tomorrow!”

After taking all the proper mother steps of quizzing him on why he hadn’t thought of this before and vowing that he was on his own, I conceded to help him out. My rationale was that the child needed to go to bed. In reality, it sounded like fun.

To my surprise, Grant actually had a vision and a plan. I was simply his support staff. I offered suggestions on the poster board choice and Sharpie color. Past that, Grant communicated the message and design.

As he scoured the art room for supplies, I searched the Internet for his requested pictures of sad dogs. Then I printed my top four picks in color along with his school picture. Grant’s handsome mug was a perfect campaign shot as he was sporting a tie and a winning smile.

Poster in progress
Explaining that most of the council candidates had slogans, Grant professed his differing strategy. Taping his 8 X 10 school picture to the left of the first poster, Grant wrote boldly to the right, “Slogans are Stupid. I’m handsome.” The bottom read in black bubble letters “Vote Grant Lane”

Enough said. No confidence issues with this kid.

Poster number two was filled with the sad dog pictures. In the middle, the poster read “Dogs will be sad if you don’t vote for Grant”. On my suggestion, a talking bubble was added to the pug. The sad adorable pug appeared to be saying, “Vote for Grant Lane”.

Grant looked at his piece of art in satisfaction and gave his rationale.

“This will get the girls’ votes.”

Okay. Grant’s support staff was impressed.

After school today, I was able to quiz Grant a bit on the reaction to the posters.

“They liked them a lot. I think I picked up a lot of votes with the sad dogs.”

And then my mothering kicked in again.

“Will you be upset if you don’t win? You won’t cry, will you?”

After a look of complete appall, Grant assured me that he didn’t care. And I believed him.

Tomorrow he will give his speech to the student body. I stumbled on it in his backpack (see below). I’m just glad he didn’t bring up the Affordable Care Act. I don’t think it would have gone over well. Khakis on free dress day are much more politically correct. Good luck, Grant!
“Good morning, fellow St. Wenceslaus students and staff. As most of you know me, my name is Grant Lane and today I’m going to tell you why you should consider voting me to be on Student Council. These are my reasons why.

I will try to get sweatpants or athletic shorts on free dress day or have khaki shorts or khaki pants on free dress days. And maybe have a teacher vs. student volleyball game. I will take any ideas and tell them to Mrs. Mohr and Mrs. Dowd and then try to get them passed. That’s why I think you should vote for me to be on the 2013 and 2014 Student Council of St. Wenceslaus. May God bless you all and good-bye.” 

~ Grant Lane


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