February 5, 2013: A Beautiful Day in Omaha

Is it spring yet??

It was a beautiful day in Omaha today. Just what the doctor ordered. Looking at my calendar last night gave me a sigh and a reminder to just hold on, forge ahead...and don't forget to smell the roses. <mind says in continuous cycle...cup is half full, not half empty. cup is half full, not half empty>.

So my day started with my alarm going off at 4:55. Two snoozes and I was up promptly at 5:09 and out the door by 5:45. An early morning indeed.

After a road trip to Onawa, Iowa with an old/new co-worker (what do you call someone who just started working for your former company?), I quickly realized that this really was going to be a good day. Forget the heavy schedule starting too early and ending too late. The weather is perfect and the company, exceptional.

Life is all about the simple pleasures that give us joy and the relationships we make along the way. We certainly don't take the great weather days (in February!) for granted in Nebraska. We cherish them. And then we share our joy of the day with all of those around us.

So this was what it was about for me today; the beauty of the day and the enjoyment of the circle of people in my life. There are outer circles and inner circles. Although I many times focus on the inner circle, the company around the outer circle is remarkable as well.

My outer circle day today included great conversation and life sharing with my old/new co-worker and then with the long-time client I transitioned to her. Rehashing with my client our journey together over the last fourteen years was refreshing. So many great relationships have been built over the years.

As I sat with my Irish friends on a beautiful night in Omaha, I was surrounded by both those who have been in my inner circle for years and new relationships from many moons and cultures away. It has been a good run so far, but maybe the best is yet to come??


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