February 26, 2013: New York, New York...

My window view from a pub on 7th Ave
Colorado for the weekend, emergency room, knee brace and then a business trip to NYC. All in a days work. Yep...welcome to my life. Although it may sound like it, I'm really not complaining. I just shake my head at times and think "what world do I live in?"

For the record, my knee still doesn't hurt. I do need to take it easy and the brace needs to be on tight for stability. But I am feeling pretty darn good. As I laid in the Vail ER, I couldn't help but hand-wring on how bad the timing was of my injury.

This week is a busy week for me. A really busy week. I am a bit overbooked from the travel standpoint. Coming into my nine day road trip, I kept reminding myself that my organized self would conquer this travel quest of three states and three major cities in just over a week with a smile on my face. I didn't anticipate a blown ACL though.

So now I am making lemonade. Airports seem much bigger and flights much longer. Hotel beds in foreign cities; harder and alarms; earlier. <sigh>. Recuperating from home would have been much easier and more comfortable, but not meant to be. Not this week at least.

The trip to NYC has been a success. Tomorrow I will board a plane back to Omaha and sleep in my own bed. <sigh>....and then get up at 5:00 a.m. for a 7:10 a.m. flight to Chicago with the boys for a three day weekend of fun. We have had this trip on the calendar for weeks to meet friends for a moms/boys trip to catch both the Blackhawks and Bulls in one weekend. With a knee brace. Not part of the plan, but I will smile and enjoy the ride...


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