February 17, 2013: Grant Thoughts from 2005

More treasures found on my hard drive (File dated 2/24/2005...Grant would have been 4 1/2). I had written down some funny things he had said and memories that I intended to memorialize in a journal later. I don't think my idea of "later" was 8 years hence, but never too late...

Grant and Abby in their much younger years

Funny Grant lines that I need to write down before I forget…
As I am drinking my Diet Coke while driving the Durango one night, Grant screams, “Mom, don’t drink and drive…you will crash and we will die!”

After a crying whining morning (typical, but worse because it was “cleaning lady” morning), Grant explains to me as I buckle him into his car seat “I can’t talk like you in the morning, Mom.  I talk like you in the evening, but not in the morning.”  Grant’s way of telling me he is not a morning person.

Grant is sitting at the kitchen table, when he tells me (out of the blue), “Mom, I have food allergies.”  “You have what?”  I ask.  “Food allergies”, he says.  “The blood goes through my body and goes up through my head, so I think I have food allergies.”

A typical answer to me asking “How do you remember that, Grant?”… “Mom, I told you. I remember everyting!”

Fun memories of the 2004/2005 preschool year for Grant…hash brown/chocolate milk through the McDonald’s drive through on the way to school each morning…bringing donuts for his class each friday…Barrista latte for Mom (why do you like Lattes so much, Mom?)…sweet nothings to each other every morning (Mom-I love you little, I love you big…Grant-I love you like a little pig!)…Ms Fran and Ms Kim are the bombs. School is always fun…Great year!

(2013 Sandy side note: I am so happy I wrote these things down. I had completely forgotten these little moments in time. Also forgot about the days of "Baby Grant" as my little buddy and sidekick. <sigh>) 


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