February 2, 2013: Fun with the Creative Child

Grant wearing my handi-work

My kids are fun. And although we spend a lot of time at sporting events, all three boys have creative sides as well. We really do have a great time no matter the event or setting. I have honestly taken this for granted over the years. I just assumed all kids were like this. They're not. So today I will tell you that I am thankful for kids who are are just plain fun.

Telling my kids of a trip to the grocery store would be followed by an answer of "okay". No arguments or questions on tasks mundane to most. The boys have always gone with the flow. We have fun; whatever we do.

My kids have never met a stranger and have played perfect hosts in our backyard. They have at least twenty games they've made up on the trampoline and play on it every chance they get. Although our swing set is sadly unused these days; in the years past, we spent hours on the swings. Our competitions included who could toss their shoes the farthest from the height of the swinging motion.

Grant and I have always loved the circus and would go each year when Barnum and Bailey were in town. Just the two of us until the timing of our weekends didn't work into the circus dates. The picture above was taken in the Old Market prior to a circus show. Grant was seven years old. He had bought a face paint kit and on our way downtown, asked if I could paint his face like a picture on the back of the package.

On that sunny spring Friday night, Grant sat still in the middle of the Old Market while I carefully painted his face to mirror the boy in the picture. And then without a hint of embarrassment, we walked to the Qwest Center and enjoyed a wonderful night together at the circus. In Grant's little mind, it was only appropriate that his face be painted like the clowns (albeit a scary clown). Love the creative minds and outgoing spirited nature of these boys.
Grant has never shied away from showing his team spirit


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