June 21, 2014: Driving Ms. Daisy

We had an unexpected surprise this morning. And not in a good way. Zach was the victim of a hit-and-run. Not something we expected as we hustled out the door in the wee hours for Lily's track meet.

This morning was an exercise in family divide-and-conquer. Garrett and Jake to rugby as Zach, Lily and I simultaneously loaded up for track. As I tried to open the passenger door, I was surprised with resistance. It wouldn't open. Upon further review I saw a bashed-in front quarter panel. The look on Zach's face, following my revelation, was one of shock and complete disappointment.

Since we needed to get Lily across town, I proceeded to pour myself next to Lily into the back seat. A non-functioning front door turned Zach into our chauffeur. It didn't seem to bother Zach, as his main concern was figuring out where and when the incident happened and how he was going to fix it. Not his best of mornings.

I spent the drive doing my typical explaining of how "it could be a lot worse". Cup half full strikes again. Zach drove in silence. There were no words from him. In his mind, the cup was neither full nor empty; just messed up.

Later Zach and I left the track meet to grab some lunch. This go around, there was no Lily sitting next to me in the back seat. With the front passenger door still hinged closed, I climbed in the back while Zach took the driver's seat.

I chatted away on Smoky Hill Road while Zach quietly drove his mother. And then it dawned on me.

Driving Ms. Daisy.

Poor Zach. I liked my new spot. And then I kept talking more. So many lunch spots to discuss. Options galore. What did Zach want? Where did he want to take me? What a beautiful day to look at clouds from the back seat!

I thought of the lovely Ms. Daisy. Is this what it's going to be like in forty years? I thought it best not to bring up to Zach the future feeding of jello.

Lunch ended up at Chipotle. Zach seemed pleased with Ms. Daisy for footing the bill. Then back in the damaged car with me in the back seat. All I was missing was a hat and floral dress.

I am too young to be thinking about my driving days taken away. But I have to admit that the chauffeur was a nice reprise. And don't worry about Zach. We have concluded that only a quarter panel will need to be replaced. An appointment with the garage is on Monday. He will have Garrett's car until his is back to it's former state.

I'm sorry that this happened, but sure did enjoy my short-term view from the back. Ms Daisy can wait. I will reclaim my role as family taxi driver.


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