February 26, 2014: A Year

Not quite sure what the sign means. I will sure miss Ben this fall.
A year ago I blew my ACL. On a mountain. In Vail. A year ago I flew home with a brace and crutches and minus the band needed to hold my knee in place.

A year ago I took the boys to Chicago on our annual mom/sons trip. A disbanded ACL wasn't going to stop our fun. So I maneuvered airports and stairs at a slower pace, with a braced knee, but with just as much fun. The surgery came two weeks later. And the recovery; that took a solid six months.

And now a year has passed. What a difference a year can make.

365 days. Sounds like a a lot of time, but it really flew. An anniversary of any type creates a rehash of what transpired within the year post-noted-event.

In my case, a lot has happened. This reflection has also caused me to look into the future. It has created the realization that no matter how well scripted one thinks their life is, there will be surprises. Hopefully pleasant, but unexpected occurrences will occur, nonetheless.

As I was carted off that mountain into the Vail ER late February 2013, I thought about my recovery period. An anniversary date meant nothing. But a lot has happened in that 12 months.

Garrett and I got married. Ben won a state championship. Zach got accepted into gun-smithing school. Grant is 4 inches taller and not a kid anymore. Life includes regular time together with all of us; Garrett, Zach, Ben, Grant. And I didn't touch a tax return.

None of this was scripted. It just happened. Life.

Now I look forward to the next twelve months.

Knowns: Mom/sons trip to Chicago this weekend. Grant graduates from 8th Grade. Ben graduates from high school. Zach moves to Denver. Garrett and I spend every weekend together with our kids. Ben goes to Hastings. Grant goes to Skutt. A trip to Mexico. Maybe a trip to Alaska. A move to a new house in Denver and hopefully an ACL that stays intact.

Now the interesting part will be looking back once we reach February 2015 at what really transpired during these 12 months ahead. I am feeling bullish. It will be a glorious year for all :)


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